Tips for the Comeback Player

I firmly believe that comeback players can surpass their previous level of playing in a short time. (A year or so.)

This is due to several factors:
1. The player has a memory of all of his problem areas.
2. The player has matured and can concentrate better to the task at hand.
3. The player has been off the horn long enough to break old habits or bad embouchures.
4. The player knows more about what he wants from music and what style is his favorite.
5. The player has THIS information available to prevent forming any new bad habits.

With this out of the way I will address some areas that may be of interest to a comeback player.

Starting out:
The first thing that concerns a CP (comeback player) is how to get started. Hopefully you've read the outline for week one that has been provided. It is very straightforward and works quite well. This comes from the Rafael Mendez book "A Prelude to Brass Playing". In fact most of what I'm going to outline here for you comes from H. L. Clarke, Don Jacoby, Rafael Mendez, Dr. Reinhardt and Dr. Stevens. All of these giants wrote books about trumpet playing and they should be required reading.

The areas of concern for CPs are as follows:

1. Embouchure (Is my setup working for or against me ?)

2. Mouthpiece placement (How much top lip should I use?)

3. Breath control (It's just breathing right ?)

4. Practice (What should I practice and how long should I practice ?)

5. Mouthpiece (Is there a perfect mouthpiece?)

6. Trumpet (Do I need to buy one of those new _____ trumpets ? )

7. Tonguing (How can I speed it up and smooth it out ? )

8. Tone (How do I get that full rich sound ? )

9. Endurance (How do they play 2 - 3 hour jobs?)

10. Range (I'm sorry but this IS asked every day. How do I play up there ? )

Where's your head? (Jakes #1 question.)