First week
Preparing the lips 
Knowing that sound on your instrument is dependent on lip vibrations, that lips must be loosened up before they will vibrate naturally, that Nature must take its own course in this training, will you spend one week a full seven days on this all-important phase? There will be no need for your instrument during this period of training, so put it away and concentrate on the job at hand.
(Embouchure  training, page 27,Prelude to Brass Playing)

Here is a series of exercises for a whole week. Try to do them several times during each day. If you can, do them 3 times, one in the morning, one during the day and one in the evening.

Why was Rafael Mendez such a great player? He had talent, but he also practised all day. In small portions - 20 minutes practice, then he rested 20 minutes or more, then a new practice session, etc.