Day 1, Week One

"Brass Playing is no harder than Deep Breathing" (Claude Gordon)

We start this first session with some breathing exercises. The motto (see above) is very important. We will be working on making an effective embouchure and on buzzing the lips, but without a lot of air to feed the lips there will be troubles. The approach should be SONG and WIND.

NOTE: When doing these breathing exercises (rhythmic and "melodic") try to make a sort of "silent whistle sound", where you can hear the pitch. Form the mouth into an almost whistling position.

Empty and Fill
Empty completely. Fill with a yawn. Repeat. Try to breath in and out with a big OOO-feeling. Think "OOOH"  for intake, and "HOOO" on out.

Rhythmic Breathing

"Melodic" Breathing

Setting the Embouchure

The M setting:

The First Buzz

One, two, three, "UP" - BUZZ

Massaging and relaxing the lip and face muscles

The Bobby Shew "flutter"
Blow air through the lips and make the lips flutter. Try to imitate the sound of a horse. If you keep the teeth together, you will get a deeper sound.

Here is a video clip demo of lip buzzing and fluttering by Rune: