Day 5, Week One

We continue the fifth day by doing the breathing exercises first.

Rhythmic Breathing

"Melodic" Breathing

Softening the lips
Do the Bobby Shew "flutter".

One, two, three, "UP" - BUZZ

Buzzing has to do with finesse, not brute force. Roy Poper, a long time student of James Stamp,  said in his book "Roy Poper's Guide to the Brasswind Methods of James Stamp" (page 8):
  For years I tried to use too much force of wind to accomplish this exercise. When I relaxed and concentrated on the correct form, i.e: corners together, only enough lip tension to start the first note, steady feeling of crescendo on that "Too" etc., steady progress on range began to occur.

So let us review exercise 1. Try to make it very soft and if it is easier for you, take the pitch down (maybe to a low G)
Then try Exercise 4 with crescendo, decrescendo to test if the buzz is loose. Use the "flutter" between each exercise.