Day 1, Week Two

We start second weeks session with a breathing exercises. (Melodic breathing is now part of the finger exercise below)

We also continue second week with a lip buzzing exercise. Mouthpiece
Then we start off with buzzing the mouthpiece. Remember what Mendez says: "Slow! Caution! .. First in this step is finding the vibrating center of the lips." Fingers & B.E.R.P
We also start working on developing finger dexterity. If you have a BERP use it, if not, tape the mouthpiece outside on the leadpipe. This is important to make this exercise close to a playing situation. Sound samples of lip-  and B.E.R.P-buzz
Here is two samples of buzzing done by Nick Drozdoff from Chicago (in RealAudio format). Nick also made a book where he uses these exercises (see under the "Methods & Books" section).