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Record title: BACH - 6 Brandenburg Concertos - Kurt Redel
Record label: Erato / STU 70129-30
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 5/1962

Additional performer(s):
Bassoon - Karl Kolbinger (tracks: A1 to A3)
Cello - Wilhelm Schneller (tracks: B2 to B4)
Composed By - J.-S. Bach*
Conductor - Kurt Redel
Double Bass - Georg Hörtnagel (tracks: B2 to B4)
Engineer - Peter Willemoes
Ensemble - Orchestre De Chambre Pro Arte De Munich*
Flute - Kurt Redel (tracks: C1 to D3) , Paul Meisen (tracks: C4 to C5)
Harpsichord - Robert Veyron-Lacroix
Harpsichord [Solo] - Robert Veyron-Lacroix (tracks: D1 to D3)
Horn - Kurt Richter (tracks: A1 to A3) , Willi Beck (tracks: A1 to A3)
Oboe - Leonhard Seifert (tracks: A1 to A3) , Pierre Pierlot (tracks: A1 to A3, C1 to C3) , Wilhelm Grimm (tracks: A1 to A3)
Other [Notes On 3rd Concerto] - N. Dufourq
Other [Notes On 6th Concerto] - J.-F. Paillard
Other [Étude De] - Jean-François Paillard
Trumpet - Maurice André (tracks: C1 to C3)
Viol - Irmingild Seemann (tracks: B2 to B4) , Rolf Alexander (tracks: B2 to B4)
Viola - Franz Schessl (tracks: B2 to B4) , Georg Schmid (tracks: B2 to B4)
Violin - Reinhold Barchet (tracks: A1 to A3, C1 to D3)
Track listing:
1er Concert En Fa Majeur BWV 1046
A1 1. Allegro
A2 2. Adagio - 3. Allegro
A3 4. Menuetto, 1er Trio, Menuetto, Polacca, Menuetto, 2me Trio, Menuetto
3me Concert En Sol Majeur BWV 1048
B1 1. Allegro - 2. Adagio
Cadenza - Robert Veyron-Lacroix
6me Concert En Si Bémol Majeur BWV 1051
B2 1. Allegro Moderato
B3 2. Adagio Ma Non Tanto
B4 3. Allegro
2me Concert En Fa Majeur BWV 1047
C1 1. Allegro
C2 2. Andante
C3 3. Allegro Assai
4me Concert En Sol Majeur BWV 1049
C4 1. Allegro
C5 2. Andante - 3. Presto
5me Concert En Ré Majeur BWV 1050
D1 1. Allegro
D2 2. Affetuoso
D3 3. Allegro
Enregistré au Salesianum de Munich du 1er au 6 Mai 1962

Also on
- Erato Mono LDE 3229 - Stéréo STE 50129
- Erato Mono LDE 3230 - Stéréo STE 50130

Box info:
Contains 2 LP's, a booklet with info and notes and full orchestral score for all concerto's.

Score info:
Partition réalisée par Heugel & Cie pour les disques Erato
(Score realised by Heugel & Cie for Erato)

Score Editor: Heugel & Cie Editeurs, Paris
Score Etching:
1er Concert: P.H. 19 - Dépot légal N° 329, Atelier JOLIVET, Graveurs, Paris
2e Concert: P.H. 20 - Dépot légal N° 330, Atelier JOLIVET Graveurs, Paris
3e Concert: P.H. 21 - Dépot légal N° 331, Atelier JOLIVET, Graveurs, Paris
4e Concert: P.H. 22 - Dépot légal N° 332, Atelier JOLIVET, Graveurs, Paris
5e Concert: P.H. 23 - Dépot légal N° 333, Atelier JOLIVET, Graveurs, Paris
6e Concert: P.H. 33 - Dépot légal N° 343, Pierre Marcel, Grav.- H.31433

Imprimerie ROLLAND père et fils, 17, Rue Martel, 17 - Paris

Booklet info:
Enregistré au Salesianum de Munich du 1er au 6 Mai 1962

All three parts of the 3me Concert are printed in the tracklisting, although the 3rd part (3. Allegro) is not present the record.

Mono LDE 3229 - Stéréo STE 50129
Mono LDE 3230 - Stéréo STE 50130

Copyright 1961 by Costallat, 60 Chaussée D'Antin - Paris

Printed in France - Imp. Contensin - Paris

Center-labels info:
Made in France

Catalog numbers:
Disc 1 (A/B): LDE 3229
Disc 2 (C/D): LDE 3230

Also on:
Westminster XWN-2219
Erato DUE-20220
Erato LDE-3229-30
Erato STU-70129-30
Erato STE-50129-30
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