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Record title: Bläsermusik am Hof King James I. 1590-1625 - Thurston Dart
Record label: Other / SL Oiseau-Lyre AWO 9943-A
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 1960

Additional performer(s):
Maurice Andre, trumpet
Jean Pirot, trumpet
Maurice Suzan, trombone
Henri Arque´, trombone
Camille Verdier, trombone
Bernard Gallot, trombone
Thurston Dart

Simpson Harding Holborne Leetherland Guy Bassano Farnaby Johnson Ferrabosco II. Dering Lupo
Track listing:
Side 1
1) Thomas Simpson - Intrada
2) James Harding - Almande
3) Anthony Holborne - The Fairy Round
4) Thomas Leetherland - Pavan
5) Nicholas Guy - Almande No. 13
6) Anthony Holborne - The Choice
7) Jerome Bassano - Fantasia
8) Giles Farnaby - Almande
9) Anthony Holborne - Galliard
Side 2
10) Robert Johnson - Almande No. 7
11) Anthony Holborne - As it fell on a holy eve
12) John Cooper (Giovanni Coperario) - Fantasia No. 76
13) Alfonso Ferrabosco II - Almande No. 5
14) Richard Dering - Fantasia
15) Thomas Lupo - Almande
16) Anthony Bassano - Pavan No. 16
17) Anthony Holborne - The fruit of love
18) Alfonso Ferrabosco II. - Pavan - Alman

(1921-1971) The eminent English musicologist, keyboard player and conductor (Robert) Thurston Dart studied keyboard instruments at the Royal College of Music in London from 1938 to 1939. He also took courses in mathematics at University College, Exeter, receiving B.Sc. in 1942.

In 1947 he became an assistant lecturer in music at the University of Cambridge, then a full lecturer in 1952, a finally a professor of music in 1962. In 1964 he was named King Edward Professor of Music at King’s College of the University of London.

As a performing musician, he made numerous appearances on the harpsichord. He also appeared as organist and performer on Baroque keyboard instruments.

He served as editor of the Galpin Society Journal from 1947 to 1954 and secretary of the documentary edition Musica Britannica from 1950 to 1965. His magnum opus was The Interpretation of Music (London, 1954). He also edited works by Morley, Purcell, John Bull, and others.

Recording also available as Stereo Treasury Series LP: STS-15554 , von 1981! USA Pressung

Also available on
- Decca 642751
- Editions de L'oiseau-Lyre Records SOL 72085 - THE ROYAL BRASS MUSIC OF KING JAMES 1
- London Treasury STS15554