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Record title: Baroque Dances and Diversions
Record label: Other / Mercury Living Presence SR 904
Medium: LP
Year recorded:

Additional performer(s):
Maurice Andre, trumpet
Marcel Lagorce, trumpet
Jean-Pierre Rampal, flute
Armand Birbaum

Clarke Telemann Corelli Sweelink Vivaldi Albinoni Purcell
Track listing:
Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary;
Telemann - Divertissememnt for 2 Trumpets;
Corelli - Suite of Dances;
Vivaldi - Concerto in G Major in the Italian Style;
Sweelinck - Chorale and Variations;
Albinoni -
Concerto in A Major “Saint Mark” and Suite in A Major; Purcell - Trumpet Tune and Hornpipe