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Record title: Brass
Record label: Marsysas / MAR1802
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 2006

Additional performer(s):
Absolute Ensemble,
Manhattan Brass Quintet,
Reinhold Friedrich,
David Taylor
Kristjan Järvi
NDR Radio Philharmonic
Daniel Schnyder
Track listing:
Daniel Schnyder: Trumpet Concerto,
Little Songbook,
Schnyder's dedication to wind instruments is documented on this new album 'Brass'.
Reinhold Friedrich, one of the leading classical trumpeters of our time, plays the Trumpet Concerto that reflects the wide possibilities of the modern trumpet.
Little Songbook is a humorous six-movement suite for soloist and brass quintet, played by the composer himself on saxophone and New York's famous brass quintet Manhattan Brass.
The incredible David Taylor is the soloist in the virtuosic Bass Trombone Concerto 'subZERO'. It was written especially for Taylor and Absolute Ensemble.