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Record title: Brass 5.1
Record label: Capriccio / COV 50710
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 2007

Additional performer(s):
Reinhold Friedrich Trompete

Mannheim Brass Quintett
Oskar Böhme,
Askell Masson,
Ottorino Respighi,
Daniel Schnyder
Track listing:
Áskell Másson (* 1953): Shadows
— Concerto for solo trumpet and brass quintet (2003)
Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936): Suite from „Antiche Danze ed Arie“
Oskar Böhme (1870-1938): Brass Sextet in E flat minor, Op. 30
Daniel Schnyder (*1961): Brass Quintet
From „Little Songbook“ Suite for soloist and brass quintet: Bananas;
A Love Affair; Catch me