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Record title: Konzerte fur Klappentrompete
Record label: Capriccio / 10 598
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1995

Additional performer(s):

Martin Haselb÷ck
Wiener Akademie
Joseph Haydn,
Johann Nepomuk Hummel,
Michele Puccini
Track listing:
Joseph Haydn, Konzert fur Trompete und Streicher Es-dur (1796)
Allegro [5:51]
Andante [3:11]
Allegro [4:42]

Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Konzert fur Trompete und Orchester E-dur (1803)
Allegro con spirito [9:20]
Andante [4:17]
Rondo [4:25]

Michele Puccini, Konzert fur Fl°te, Klarinett, Klappentrompete, Horn und Orchester (1838)
Allegro vivace - Andante stracco [13:09]
Andante: Variazione I-V [10:06]
Larghetto - Allegro vivace [7:06]
Friedrich uses a keyed trumpet in Eb for Haydn and Puccini and a keyed trumpet in E for Hummel