Warm Up on all my horns
This is the routines I do as a regular warm up on all my horns. I try to focus on improving the sound by doing some simple, but effective patterns. It takes less than 5 minutes on each horn and I feel great afterwards.

I like to start on my largest horn, the tuba, then go on to the baritone, then alto horn, french horn and finally the trumpet. By doing this pattern I get to use more air for each new pattern (add one new note each time). I also do a similar descending one, and by that I cover a two octave scale in range.

By doing this pattern on the tuba, I never have to do any breathing exercises in addition.

Then I do a pattern from Allen Vizzutis book (warm up section) - thinking it as a long note, and doing it rather agressivly. Going down all the seven combionations to low F sharp.
I do not always start on the low C - it differs from day to day and from horn to horn. The C in the staff is also a good starting point.

Later, when I work on musical pieces on the different horns, I try to do it like Arnold Jacobs tells us: "Song & Wind". I try not to think about any mechanics, but only focusing my mind on the "beaty of the sound". I also listen to recordings of great artists. Have you for instance observed how beautiful Dennis Brain starts his high notes?
I also try to use pieces written for trumpet on the other instruments. Theo Charliere's Etudes works great on Horn as does the Concone etudes.
I did also try out the Neruda Concerto on the Horn - well it was written for Corno da Caccia anyway.
(McNaughthan has more info on this piece.)

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