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Record title: Timofei Dokshizer - Aroutunian, Krioukov, Vainberg

Record label: Melodia / CM 02273-4
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 1968

Additional performer(s):

Gennady Rozhdestvensky,
Algis Juraitis
Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
A. Aroutunian (1920-),
V. Krioukov (1902-1960),
M. Vainberg (1919-)
Track listing:
Side 1:
Arutunian, Concerto for Trumpete and Orchestra in A flat major (1949)

V. Krioukov, Concerto-Poem for Trumpete and Orchestra in C major, Op. 59

Side 2:
M. Vainberg, Concerto for Trumpete and Orchestra in B flat major, Op. 94
1. Etudes (Allegro molto)
2. Episodes (Andante)
3. Fanfares (Andante. Allegro)
Rozhdestvensky [1],
Juraitis [2, 3]

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