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Record title: Grand March - Philip Jones Ensemble
Record label: Decca / 417 329-1
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1985

PJ Wind Ensemble
Elgar Howarth
PJ Wind Ensemble
verdi Ganne Turlet Teike Dan Alford Fucik J.F.Wagner Straus Elgar Mendelssohn Schubert Meyerbeer
Track listing:
1. Verdi arr. Sanders: Grand March from Aida
2. Ganne: Marche Lorraine
3. Turlet arr. Seredy: Sambre-et-Meuse
4. Teike: Old Comrades
5. Traditional arr. G. Miller: Marching Thro' Georgia
6. Dan: Shukuten March
7. Alford: Colonel Bogey
8. Coates arr. Duthoit: The Dam Busters
9. Fucik: Entry of the Gladiators
10. J.F. Wagner: Under the Double Eagle
11. Traditional arr. Alford: Lilliburleroh
12. J. Strauss arr. Richardson: Radetzky March
13. Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance No.1
14. Mendelssohn arr. Kappey: The Wedding March
15. Schubert arr. Retford: March Militaire
16. Meyerbeer arr. Conway Brown: Grand Coronation March from Le Prophète

Recorded: St Barnabas' Church, London, November 1985, Release 1986