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Record title: Otto Klemperer - The Maestro (Brandenburg No. 2)
Record label: Other / D Classics BX 703092
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1960

Additional performer(s):
Adolf Scherbaum, Trumpet

Brandenburg No. 2:
H.Bean, A. Scherbaum, S. Sutcliffe, G. Malcolm
Otto Klemperer
New Philharmonia Orchestra
Bach Haydn Mozart
Track listing:
Bach Brandenburg Concerto BWV 1047

Haydn The clock

Mozart Linzer
Scherbaum reports in an interview that he received a midnight phone call
to record Brandenburg No. 2 the other day in London. He took the plane from Hamburg to London and recorded the Brandenburg
No 2 in one take.

This CD is part of a 3 CD box set called "Otto Klemperter - The Maestro"
The Maestro: J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto no. 2. Philharmonia Orchestra, Aufnahme: 18-19 Jan 1960, Abbey Road. Digital Remastering 1989. EMI BX 703092