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Record title: Concertos for Trumpet and Bassoon - Karl Ristenpart
Record label: Other / HELIODOR RECORDS H 25056
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 1967

Additional performer(s):
Adolf Scherbaum, Trumpet
Fritz Henker, Bassoon
Karl Ristenpart
Saarbrucken Radio Chamber Orchestra
Leopold Mozart
Joseph Haydn
Johann Christian Bach
Track listing:
side 1

Leopold Mozart - Concerto in D major for Trumpet and Orchestra

Michael Haydn - Concerto in D major for Trumpet and Orchestra

side 2

Johann Christian Bach - Concerto in B Flat Major for Bassoon and Orchestra
Fritz Henker (bassoon - a),
Adolf Scherbaum (trumpetób, c),
Saarbruecken Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Karl Ristenpart.
Issued on DGG Archive () APM14199; 0 SAPM198199