Notes from the Jazz Masterclasses

These sessions had music students accompanying on piano, drums and bass. The notes are short, rather telegramic in style, and maybe of most interest to those who attended the jazz classes.

 "It's You or No One" (standard tune)  
"Joy Spring" (Clifford Brown)  
A. V. talks about Improvisation

Improvisation can be:

  1. jazz
  2. free music - some of it even sound better than a lot of the contemporary pieces.

The two players (who improvised) + A.V. plays an improvisation for 3.
(fl.horn, trumpet & muted trumpet) - nothing prepared, just call and response.  
"What is this thing called love" (Cole Porter) in quick tempo  
"So What" (Miles Davis)  
"Joy Spring" (Clifford Brown)  
A.V. speaks about different styles:

"Beautiful Love" (trombone player)


"Blue Bossa"