Who was Yogi Ramacharaka?

Yogi Ramacharaka: The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

Copyright 1903 (Expired)

Ramacharaka = The wandering ascetic Rama ("rama" + "charaka", where "charaka" = wandering ascetic).

Yogi Ramacharaka is believed to be the pseudonym or pen-name for William Atkinson.

William Walker Atkinson was born December 5, 1862, in Baltimore, Maryland. He died November 22, 1932, in California.

He was the associate editor of the Chicago magazine "Suggestion" from 1900-1905 and then editor of "Advanced Thoughts" from 1916-1919.

From 1903 he began to write books on yoga philosophy using the pseudonym, "Yogi Ramacharaka". He wrote a number of popular books: New Thought, Mental Fascination, Self-Healing, Mind Power and Popular Occultism.

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