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The Oseberg tube

Olaf blowing an Oseberg
Olaf Brattegaard blowing on one of the Oseberg tube replicas.

The wooden Viking lur?
At Oseberg, Norway they found a grave mound with a Viking ship. 
Excavated in 1904, the 21.5 metres long Oseberg ship is the most magninficent of the Viking ship finds. The ship can be seen at the Vikingskiphuset in Oslo.

A very good preserved iron mounted oak tree chest with an advanced iron lock (key was missing) was found inside the ship.
This chest opened smoothly and inside was found what later was registered as “an extremely remarkable wooden tube – a sheath/scabbard for a stick or something…”. 

The “tube” is 106.5 cm long, in 2 parts and carved from a longitudinal split branch of black alder.