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Four Great Days with Allen Vizzutti
"Finely tuned wind, easy control, polyharmonic wit, orchestral penmanship, punctuated spiritual warmth. Rarely do so many qualities find themselves in one musician" 
Chick Corea

Thanks to the great effort of Odd Lund, chairman of NTF, and Assistant Professor at NMH, all of us taking part in the seminar had 4 unforgettable days. We can all witness that what pianist Chick Corea says about Allen is true. He told some really funny stories and demonstrated things in a very humorous way.

During the seminar he also spoke about different subjects and explained and demonstrated how to use his method books.

Those who performed in the masterclasses was as often quite nervous when starting, but Allens calm and inspiring attiude made them all relax.

It was impressing to see how effective he worked with those who performed. He never used a lot of words - mostly his horn - having the students imitate. The rest of us could witness the immediate improvement.

Allen is a Yamaha performing artist and clinician. During the seminar he demonstrated several horns. Yamaha had a stand where everyone could try all the different trumpets. They also co-sponsored this event.

O.J. -February 1998