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Record title: Les maitres de la trompette - Concertos pour trompette de Haydn, Hummel et Telemann - Maurice AndrC
Record label: Other / Indesensrecords
Medium: CD
Year recorded:

Additional performer(s):
Maurice André, trompette
Eric Aubier, trompette

Jean-Baptiste Man
Jean Barthe
Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire; Dir. Jean-Baptiste Man
Orchestre de Bretagne; Dir. Jean Barthe
Haydn Hummel Telemann
Track listing:
1. Concerto Pour Trompette En Ré Majeur : Adagio (Telemann Georg Philipp)
2. Concerto Pour Trompette En Ré Majeur : Allegro (Telemann Georg Philipp)
3. Concerto Pour Trompette En Ré Majeur : Grave (Telemann Georg Philipp)
4. Concerto Pour Trompette En Ré Majeur : Allegro (Telemann Georg Philipp)
5. Concerto Pour Trompette, Hob.7e.1 : Allegro (Haydn Joseph)
6. Concerto Pour Trompette, Hob.7e.1 : Andante (Haydn Joseph)
7. Concerto Pour Trompette, Hob.7e.1 : Allegro (Haydn Joseph)
8. Concerto Pour Trompette En Mi Majeur : Allegro... (Hummel Johann Nepomuk)
9. Concerto Pour Trompette En Mi Majeur : Andante (Hummel Johann Nepomuk)
10. Concerto Pour Trompette En Mi Majeur : Rondo (Hummel Johann Nepomuk)


Eric Aubier entered Maurice André's class at the CNSM of Paris at the age of 14 where he was the youngest graduate at the time earning three first prizes. He later won various prizes in international competitions in Prague, Toulon and Paris and Rolf Liebermann named Eric Aubier the solo trumpet for the Paris Opera Orchestra. He was only nineteen at the time. From 1995 on, he devoted himself to his career as an international soloist and professor. He can be heard regularly on Radio-France, Salle Pleyel, Graveau, The Lincoln Center - New York, and at the festivals of Comminges, Auvers-sur-Oise, Monte-Carlo, Vézère, Lieksa (Finland), Hamamatsu (Japan) and Taipei (Taiwan). He is very involved in developing the repertoire of his instrument and is the favorite trumpetist of many composers who dedicate their works to him, notably Nicolas Bacri, Thierry Escaich, Betsy Jolas, Carlos Grätzer, Martin Matalon, and Charles Chaynes. He also breathes new life into the beautiful 20th Century French music for the trumpet: Ohana, Jolivet, Tomasi, Françaix, Schmitt, Hubeau, Enesco, Delerue, Sancan, Désenclos. He has a world-wide reputation as the major interpreter in the French wind instrument tradition throughout the world, he is perceived as the one who best perpetuates the French wind instrument tradition; he is, in a sense, the "new face of the trumpet". Eric Aubier has become the most eminent French representative invited to sit regularly for juries at such international competitions as Munich (ARD), Paris (Maurice André), Porcia, Markneukirchen ITG USA and Lieksa (Finland). Today, his name is attached to competitions in Colombia and Argentina. He teaches at the CNR of Reuil-Malmaison and has given master-classes all over the world. His discography includes over 100 works produced by Sony Classical, Arion / Pierre Vérany, Calliope, Mandala, Bis, Accord / Universal. “La Trompette Française” won the Diapason d'Or, ‘Recommandé’ by Classica. His recording of Tanz Fantaisie by and with Thierry Escaich won the Grand Prix des Lycéens de la Lettre du musicien et Musique Nouvelle en Liberté. The recording of the Concertino by Skaalkottas (Bis) also earned a ‘Recommandé’ by Répertoire and was distinguished in the Gramaphone review. In 2004 he will record Trame V, concerto for trumpet by Martin Matalon with the National Orchestra of Lorraine for Accord/Universal.

Le tout premier enregistrement historique du concerto de Haydn par son plus illustre interprête : Maurice André ! (en 1961 avec la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire). C'est Eric Aubier, son digne successeur qui l'accompagne dans les brillants concerto