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Record title: Pachelbel - Fasch
Record label: Other / APEX 0927 49980 2
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1968

Additional performer(s):
Maurice Andre, trumpet (12-14)
Pierre Pierlot, Jacques Chambon, oboe (12-14)
Jean-Francois Paillard
Orchestre de Jean-Francois Paillard
Johann Pachelbel
Johann Friedrich Fasch
Track listing:
Johann Pachelbel

1. Canon in D major for strings and continuo

2-6. Suite (Partita) No. 6 in B flat major

7-11. Suite in G major

Johann Friedrich Fasch

12-14. Concerto in D major for trumpet, 2 oboes, strings
and continuo

15-18. Symphony in G major

19-21. Symphony in A major