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Record title: Art de la fugue - Bach, arr C. Pascal-M. Bitsch - Karl Ristenpart
Record label: Other / Klassikhaus KHCD-2011-025-2CD
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1966

Additional performer(s):
Roger Delmotte, Jean-Paul Burtin (tp),
Gabriel Masson, Roger Rouyer (tb),
Maurice Bourgue (h),
Michel Debost, Alain Marion (fl),
Lucien Debray, Jacques Chambon (oboe),
Maurice Allard, Roger Dupont (bsn),
André Navarra (cello),
Karl Ristenpart

J.S. Bach arr. Marcel Bitsch and Claude Pascal
Track listing:

Karl Ristenpart recorded "Die Kunst der Fuge" twice.
The first recording on October 29, 1963 for Erato which included Counterpoint 1 through 7, and 12 through 16, arrangement by Helmut Winschermann.

The second recording was recorded in Saarlouis-Fraulautern, Saarbrücken, on June 16-19, 1966, by CFD, and issued on Nonesuch. The orchestral realization was done by Marcel Bitsch and Claude Pascal.

Also on:
- Nonesuch
- CD (Klassikhaus KHCD-2011-025-2CD, issued 2011)