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Record title: Timofei Dokshitser Trumpet Vainberg Gershwin Pakhmutova

Record label: Melodia / Melodiya C 10-1190
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1980

Additional performer(s):
Timofei Dokshitser, Trumpet
Alexander Lazarev
Algis Zhuraitis
Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Vainberg Gershwin Pakhmutova
Track listing:
Side 1
M. Vainberg (b. 1919) - Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in B Flat Major, Op. 94, Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Conductor Algis Zhuraitis
I. Etudes. Allegro Molto
II. Episodes. Andante
III. Fanfares. Andante. Allegro

Side 2
G. Gershwin (1898-1937) - Rhapsody in Blue, Transcription for trumpet and symphony orchestra by T. Dokshitser

A. Pakhmutova (b. 1929) - Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E Flat Minor, Second Edition, Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Conductor Alexander Lazarev