Appendix A.  Works by Yogi Ramacharaka on Yogi Philosophy

FOURTEEN LESSONS IN YOGI PHILOSOPHY. An unique work covering the entire field of the Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism, stating the most profound truths and hidden mysteries in the plainest, simplest, English style. No Sanscrit terms to puzzle the reader. Cloth, 10/6 net, post free 11/4.

HATHA YOGA. A complete Manual of the Great Oriental Yogi System of Physical Well-Being-Health-Strength-and Vigour. It preaches a Sane, Normal, Simple Theory of Physical Health, and tells how to put the theory into practice. Cloth, 10/6 net, post free 11/4.

ADVANCED COURSE IN YOGI PHILOSOPHY. This book consists of Twelve Lessons, originally issued in monthly parts, treating upon the more advanced branches of Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism. Cloth, 10; 6 net, post free 11/4.

RAJA YOGA. This book is devoted to the development of the latent powers of Man-the gaining of the Control of the Mental Faculties by the Will-the Attainment of the Mastery of the Lower Self-the Development of the Mind to the end that the Soul may be aided in its unfoldment. Cloth, 10/6 net, post free 11/4.

GNANI YOGA. This course gives the highest Yogi teachings regarding the Absolute and its Manifestations-the Relations between the One and the Many-the Secret of the One Life the Mystery of the Evolution of the Soul-the Law of Spiritual Cause and Effect-the Group Soul-the Birth of the Ego the unfoldment of the Self, etc. Cloth, 10/6 net, post free 11/4.

THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHIC HEALING. A plain, practical series of Lessons on Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual Healing, in its many phases and forms, with full instruction and directions regarding treatment, etc. Very little theory, but much practical instruction. Cloth 10 /6 net, post free 11/4.