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Record title: Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - MUSIC FROM THE ROYAL COURT
Record label: Argo /
Medium: CD
Year recorded:





Track listing:
1. Trumpet Tune And Air
2. Galliard
3. Pavan
4. Coranto "Heigh-Ho-Holidy"
5. Pavan
6. Hornpype
7. The Agincourt Song (Arr. Elgar Howarth)
8. Earle Of Oxford"s March (Arr. Elgar Howarth)
9. Earle Of Salisbury"s Pavane (Arr. Bram Wiggins)
10. I. Allemande
11. II. Sarabande
12. III. Allemande
13. IV. Courante
14. V. Air
15. VI. Courante
16. I. The Old Spagnoletta
17. II. Giles Farnaby"s Dreame
18. III. A Toye
19. IV. Tell Me Daphne
20. V. His Rest (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
21. VI. The New Sa-Hoo
22. A Royal Pavan
23. In Nomine
24. Pavan St. Thomas Wake And Variation - London Festival Brass Ensemble
25. Galliard And Four Variations (Arr. Elgar Howarth) - London Festival Brass Ensemble
26. The King"s Hunting Jig (Arr. Elgar Howarth) - London Festival Brass Ensemble
27. I. It Is To Me A Right Great Joy
28. II. Pastime With Good Company/Helas Madame
29. III. Adieu! Madame Et Ma Maistresse
30. IV. Taunder Naken
31. V. Departure Is My Chief Pain
32. VI. En Vrai Amour/Pastime With Good Company
33. Fantasia "Newark Siege" (Arr. Peter Reeve)
34. Aria Della Battaglia A 8
2-1. Three Fanfares For Four Trumpets And Timpani - John Wilbraham
2-2. Canzon "La Seraphina"
2-3. Fantasia "In Echo"
2-4. Ricercar Del Duodecimo Tuono
2-5. Canzon For Eight Trombones
2-6. Canzon 13
2-7. I. Allemande
2-8. II. Gaillarde
2-9. III. Pavane D"Angleterre Avec Gaillarde
2-10. IV. Basse Danse "La Volunte"
2-11. V. Pavane Passemaize Avec Gaillarde
2-12. VI. Branle De Bourgogne - Branle Simple - Branle Gay
2-13. Trumpet Intrada (From The Motet Ave Virgo Lux Maria) (Arr. Kenneth Herbert)
2-14. Il Est Be Et Bon (Arr. Peter Reeve)
2-15. Terpsichorean Suite For Brass (Arr. Peter Reeve)
2-16. Canzon Cornetto
2-17. I. Galliard Battaglia
2-18. II. Courant Dolorosa
2-19. III. Canzon "In Imitation Of An English Bergamask"
2-20. Canzona A 10 (Arr. Philip Jones)
2-21. Sonata From "Die Bankelsangerlieder"
2-22. I. Sonata (Adagio) - London Festival Brass Ensemble
2-23. II. Courante - London Festival Brass Ensemble
2-24. III. Sarabande. Ziemlich Langsam - London Festival Brass Ensemble
2-25. IV. Bal - London Festival Brass Ensemble