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Record title: Gloria - The Sacred Music of John Rutter
Record label: Collegium / 100
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 1983

The Cambridge Singers
John Scott organ
John Rutter
The City Of London Sinfonia
John Rutter
Track listing:

1.Gloria: First Movt: Allegro Vivace
2.Gloria: Second Movt: Andante
3.Gloria: Third Movt: Vivace E Ritmico
4.Anthems: O Clap Your Hands
5.Anthems: All Things Bright And Beautiful
6.Anthems: The Lord Is My Shepherd
7.Anthems: A Gaelic Blessing
8.Anthems: For The Beauty Of The Earth
9.Anthems: Praise Ye The Loird
10.Anthems: God Be In My Head
11.Anthems: Open Thou Mine Eyes
12.Anthems: A Prayer Of Saint Patrick
13.Anthems: The Lord Bless You And Keep You


"Truly a "one recording on a dessert island" choice!" Bruce A. Stevenson

"This recording of some of John Rutter's choral music is truly exquisite. The disc features the "Gloria," as well as a number of his church anthems, accompanied by either brass & organ, orchestra, or sung a cappella. From the opening fanfare of the "Gloria" to the last ethereal chord of "The Lord Bless You and Keep You," this disc shines with choral and compositional beauty. In the opinion of this reviewer, this is the cream of Rutter's work over the last 20+ years. The performances of the Cambridge Singers are superb, especially when they leave the orchestra behind and sing unaccompanied. Particularly high praise goes to "Open Thou Mine Eyes." But whether a glorious accompanied anthem, or the intimacy of the unaccompanied choral prayer, this disc will delight you from beginning to end. Guaranteed!"

"The name John Rutter is synonymous with beautiful choral music and this album is a perfect example of that beauty. With the rich vocals of the Cambridge Singers and the elegance of Rutter's compositions, this album will bring joy to all who love fine choral music. It includes past favorites like For The Beauty of the Earth as well as his masterful composition Gloria in three wonderful movements."

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Label: Collegium Records COLCD 100