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Record title: Two Renaissance Dance Bands
Record label: other / HQS 1249
Medium: LP
Year recorded: 1971

Additional performer(s):
Cittern – Ian Harwood
Cornett – Don Smithers, Michael Laird (2)
Crumhorn – David Munrow, James Tyler, Oliver Brookes, Philip Pickett
Dulcian, Wind [Rackett] – David Munrow
Harpsichord, Regal – Christopher Hogwood
Lute – Desmond Dupré, James Tyler
Lute, Lute [Pandora] – Robert Spencer (2)
Percussion – David Corkhill, John Donaldson
Recorder – David Munrow, David Pugsley, John Turner (5), Philip Pickett
Sackbut – Colin Sheen, Martin Nicholls (2), Peter Goodwin, Roger Brenner
Viol [Bass] – Jane Ryan
Viol [Treble] – Dennis Nesbitt
Viola – James Tyler, Oliver Brookes
Violin – Eleanor Sloan, Simon Standage
Violone – Oliver Brookes

David Munrow
The Early Music Consort Of London
The Morley Consort
Susato Byrd Dowland Anonymus Nicholson Morley
Track listing:
Tielman Susato: Twelve Dances From "The Danserve", 1551
Tielman Susato – La Mourisque
Tielman Susato – Branle Quatre Bransles
Tielman Susato – Ronde And Salterelle
Tielman Susato – Ronde Mon Amy
Tielman Susato – Allemaigne And Recoupe
Tielman Susato – Pavane Mille Regretz
Tielman Susato – Basse Danse Bergeret Sans Roch And Reprise
Tielman Susato – Danse Du Roy
Tielman Susato – Ronde
Tielman Susato – Passe Et Medio And Reprinse Le Pingue
Tielman Susato – Ronde
Tielman Susato – Pavane La Bataille
Dances For Broken Consort From Thomas Morley "First Booke Of Consort Lessons", 1599
William Byrd – Mounsier s Almain
John Dowland – Lachrimae Pavan
Anonymous – Michill s Galliard
John Dowland – My Lord Chamberlain s Galliard
Richard Nicholson (2) – The Jew s Dance
John Dowland – Captaine Pipers Pavan And Galliard
William Byrd – My Lord Of Oxenford s Maske
Thomas Morley – Lavolto
Thomas Morley – La Coranto
The Early Music Consort Of London is Don Smithers, Michael Laird, Roger Brenner, Peter Goodwin, Colin Sheen, Martin Nicholls, David Munrow, John Turner, David Pugsley, Philip Pickett, James Tyler, Oliver Brookes, Simon Standage, Eleanor Sloan, Chrisopher Hogwood, David Corkhill and John Donaldson

The Morley Consort is David Munrow, Dennis Nesbitt, Jane Ryan, Desmond Dupré, Ian Harwood and Robert Spencer.

Recorded at All Saints Church, Tooting, London