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Record title: Classical Trumpet Concertos
Record label: Philips / Festivo 6570 044 (325)
Medium: LP
Year recorded:

Additional performer(s):
Don Smithers (trumpet)
Wolf-Dieter Hauschild
Berlin Chamber Orchestra

J. Haydn, M. Haydn, J.M. Molter, L. Mozart

Track listing:
J. Haydn: Concerto No. I in E flat major, HobVIIe.
M. Haydn: Concerto in C major.
J.M. Molter: Concerto In D major.
L. Mozart: Concerto in D major.

Don Smithers is using the Mahillon 4-valve piccolo with long-bell for the M. Haydn, the L. Mozart and the J.M. Molter concertos. But that he also did this on the Joseph Haydn Concerto is very special - yes he played the J. Haydn on the piccolo trumpet.