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Record title: The Art of The Baroque Trumpet - Fritz Lehan
Record label: Other / KLassic Haus KHCD-2011-034
Medium: CD
Year recorded: 1969

Additional performer(s):
Edward H. Tarr, Trompete und Clarintrompete
Robert Bodenröder, Clarintrompete
Walter Holy, Clarintrompete
Pieter Dolk, Clarintrompete
Hans Richter, Clarintrompete
Michael Steiner, Clarintrompete
Manfred Krämer, Clarintrompete
Wenzel Pricha, Pauke
Günther Höller, Traversflöte
Valerie Noack, Traversflöte
Helmut Hucke, Barockoboe
Klaus Ebach, Barockoboe
Werner Neuhaus, Violine
Helmut Klüppelberg, Violine
Christfried Bickenbach, Positiv
Walter Thoene, Cembalo
Fritz Lehan
Consortium Musicum

Track listing:

Digitally remastered of "Die Kunst der Trompeter"